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In general Kingsize Big & Tall classify Tall as being a shirt with a 98-100cm sleeve (measured from centre back to cuff) or 97-98cm in leg on a trouser.

97cm is the same as a 38 inch inside leg. This is a standard Extra Tall mans measurement worldwide. (Keep in mind that an 84cm in leg is classified as a Tall or Long fit in the USA.)

Generally we start our Tall fits from size 42 (neck) or medium and go up to 48-50cm in some cases. We have trialled smaller than 42cm neck (40cm) and have found that the demand simply was not there so we carry very few in this size. If we get significant enquires about this size we will re-look at it again. Generally we run the following Business shirt sizes.

42T, 44T, 46T, 48T, 49T, 50T

Medium Tall fit is signified as (MT) , Large Tall (LT), 2XL as (2XLT) and so on.

There has been a significant shift to slim fits in Tall sizes. Most of our business shirts are now on the slimmer block.

At Kingsize we believe that a 98-100cm sleeve will fit most men between 6 foot 4 (193cm) to 6'9" (205cm). Of course this depends on how wide a man’s shoulders are.

In most cases we buy and stock these measurements exclusively.

Most people would understand that it is impossible to carry every leg length and sleeve length.

As a matter of interest many size 50cm collar business shirt brands have a 97-98cm sleeve as a matter of specification. We have found that some brands such as Brooksfield for instance will have a 97cm sleeve even on a size 47cm neck shirt.

Many Brands will make the Taller sizes if we achieve their minimum purchase levels. Brands such as Carlo Conti, Carlo, Daniel Hechter, Boston, Geoffrey Beene, Studio Italia, Flair.
We have travelled overseas to locate brands such as Greyes, Replika, Aero, Nautica in the taller sizes.

We have even had brands such as R.M.Williams, City Club, Blazer etc show some interest in making the longer fittings.
We are about to relaunch our brand ALTUS.

As far as Chest measurements go:

The simplest way to determine the right size for you is to take a shirt that fits you well, lay it on a flat surface it flat and measure across the chest from armpit (under arm) to armpit (under arm).This will give you the HALF CHEST measurement. To compare with our FULL CHEST measurement simply double the half chest measurement. (i.e) Half chest equals 75cm Full chest measurement equals 150cm Once you have this, check the size chart and order the size closest to the shirt you have measured.

Please note: Size charts are intended as a guide only. Definitive sizes may differ with season and styles. Please call 1800 810 702 or list your measurements in the comments section of your order for guaranteed size accuracy.


36 DEGREES 107 113 118  
GREYES 106 114 122 144
DI NERO 115 122 128  
DUKE 114 120 132 140


  40T 42T 44T 46T 47T 48T 49T
BOSTON   110 120 126   132  
CARLO CONTI 108 118 128 134   140  
DANIEL HECHTER   110 114 124   134  
GANTON   126 134 138   146  
GLOWEAVE   122 130 138 146   154
HUNT & HOLDITCH 114 122 128 132   142  
LICHFIELD   116 128 138   148  
PHILLIP ANTON   112 120 128   136  
SUMMIT   120 128 136   148